Rally against wrongs

The Bay Street Esplanade was a sea of yellow, blue and black as hundreds of Christians turned up for the Barbados Rally, to not only worship but take a stand against immorality and efforts to push the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) agenda.

Huddled in the square, patrons listened to the ministry of local and international worship leaders, and danced and sang along with popular gospel artistes such as Kristojay Paul, Gozzy and John Yarde.

Hundreds of Christians attended the Barbados Rally.
Hundreds of Christians attended the Barbados Rally.
The religious crowd insisted that marriage is between a man and woman. 
The religious crowd insisted that marriage is between a man and woman.
It was an evening of praise and worship.
It was an evening of praise and worship.

Under the theme Faith, Family and Freedom As We Celebrate 50 Years, the cross-denominational event attacked many of what are considered society’s ills, such as premarital and underage sex and the LGBT movement.

Attorney-at-law Johanan Lafeuillee-Douglin, one of the night’s speakers, called on government and the church to work together, cautioning that the moral fabric of society was at risk if the state and the church functioned as separate entities.

“If all Christian influence on Government was suddenly removed, within a few years no one would have any moral compass or moral absolute beyond their own individual moral sentiments and individual human opinion . . . that can be so unreliable,” warned Lafeuillee-Douglin.

Attorney-at-law and pastor Johanan Lafeuillee-Douglin.
Attorney-at-law Johanan Lafeuillee-Douglin.

“We will be inviting a watershed of slippery slopes, a secular society void of any moral compass. This is not the nation that Barbadian fore parents have handed to me and you . . . neither should we to generations to follow.”

Lafeuillee-Douglin maintained that the educational system was under threat, due to ideologies such as the gender theory which indicates an individual can choose his or her own orientation or gender identity.

“There will be a . . . destabilization of the natural social and cultural fabric. There will be a possible morphing of an education curricula under the guise of gender sensitization and gender inclusivity to allow for the introduction of comprehensive sex education to forward the gender theory. There will be a natural rise in gender confusion as the gender theory is being professed from the pulpits of lecture halls,” she warned.

The attorney-at-law further argued that following the legal lead of developed countries was a form of cultural imperialism that would result in dire consequences.

She pointed to gender neutral bathrooms popping up in the United States: “Look at what is happening in the bathrooms of the US right now. If you feel like a girl today, you go to the girls’ bathroom, if you feel like a boy tomorrow you go to the boys’ bathroom.”

Laefuillee-Douglin noted that there have been numerous calls for the decriminalization of anal sex and the recognition of same-sex unions in Barbados, but she warned there would be social and legal complications if the relevant laws change.


5 Responses to Rally against wrongs

  1. Jennifer November 7, 2016 at 11:56 pm

    The problem is that the church was hijacked long ago by the powers that be and has now become corrupt and money grubbing. Because the church is hitched to state it must carryout the duties of the state and not of “GOD”. Christianity was a forefront in many of the atrocities placed on mankind including the enslavement of our people. Even the first slave ship was called the Jesus with the cross on its sail. Look it up.

    The christian minister was present at the slave auctions too. If the church was bringing “God’s” laws in the first place there would not be such a societal backlash now. The church said “GOD’S” laws are done away with and that they were nailed to the cross of Jesus so they do not teach them. So inevitably we have now become a lawless society. devoid of “GOD’ S” laws.

    Levi:20:13 If a man lie also with mankind as he lieth with a woman both have committed an abomination and shall be put to death. Even the adulteress behavior in society is the fault of the church and all other ills. Because the church say the law is done away with. The church even got involved in such pagan holidays such as xmas, Easter, kadooment (bacchus) etc and now Halloween too which is celebration of the dead.

    But we do these things thinking that god is mock.

  2. jrsmith November 8, 2016 at 5:15 am

    Bajans/ black people must wake up , what ever the (white man) wants the white man gets is their world.. Stop living in la,la land.. Its like it or lump it , black people cannot change anything, the bible is here to keep black people under control not to change anything..
    The white man constructed the bible ,all you bible whackers you people stand on your church soap boxes, condemning the same people who is saving our asses from starvation, we stand at the corners of our little island with tin cup in hand waiting for these people to rescue us…
    That’s why 1% of the people on our Barbados owns and control everything, they dont even get involve with politics no need to , while our people praying and dressing up for church the profits is on a one way trip out of Barbados…. what about bajans crying out for water a real part of our lives …

  3. jrsmith November 8, 2016 at 5:26 am

    Talking of morality ask a lot of so call Christian men , how much kids lots of them adds to the baby factories, its only just a matter of putting on nice clothing and having nothing to do saying nothing which contributes to anything to help the economy of our island….

  4. Jennifer November 8, 2016 at 8:17 am

    Jrs smith

    Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with the bible and i can prove it. Christianity actually goes against the bible and is a pagan religion developed by the elites and used to deceive our people. This is why i do not attend church at all.

    Then we have coons too who help to keep our people mentally enslaved to it. We came from a nation of kings and priest.
    If the church was actually bringing what was written in the bible our society will not be filled with baby momma’s, plantation studs, etc. The bible is a history book and a futuristic book only.

  5. Jennifer November 8, 2016 at 8:20 am


    We learnt colors in primary school. No one is white unless they are dead. White is like a sheet of copier paper or a crayon. They are different shades of red.


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