Psychiatric evaluation for homeless man

courtA 26-year-old man who is recorded as having no fixed place of abode will spend the next three weeks at the Psychiatric Hospital.

That decision was taken after Dwight Dwayne Greene pleaded guilty to loitering on the premises of Jerry Alleyne on October 22.

According to the facts presented to the court by police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson, Greene was arrested when lawmen responded to a house fire at Lot 20 Wavell Gardens, Black Rock, St Michael.

Watson said while the officers were conducting a security check at the house, the accused was seen in the front bedroom which was somewhat habitable.

Greene did not reply when asked by the police to account for his presence there.

“It was abandoned. I did not have no other place,” he told Magistrate Frederick.

However, when it came time to discuss bail, Greene, who said his father was in the precincts of the court, had no one to stand for him.

After perusing Greene’s conviction card and recognizing that he had a history of mental illness, the magistrate remanded him to the Psychiatric Hospital for observation.

He returns to the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court on November 18.

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