Violence in schools

Contestants in the 2016 Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition will not only challenge each other on the stage. For the second year, they will also have to write essays on critical national issues. Barbados TODAY will be featuring those essays throughout the contest. This week’s essay addresses the issue of school violence.

Within the scheme of things and times, violence in schools was always happening. The truth is, the population has grown so much bigger now that the violence is becoming alarming and outrageous on a regular.

Most of the violence came from lack of morality and kindness, as we watch our elders and learn from them consciously and unconsciously. There is no one else to learn from, to live a good life and reality, so we emulate others or be driven by the gene effect of our parents and our environment. We, as humans, are social beings with magnetic connection emotionally; we adapt to whatever, and as long as it keeps happening, it becomes a norm.

Jessica Green
Jessica Green

Violence itself has been around longer than humanity. Violence in schools is used to destroy each other. If you watch closely, we use violence to defend ourselves; same as in schools. Violence puts fear into students and makes them do what they are not entitled to do.

Violence should be minimized in schools so that generations coming would have self-control. Firstly, schools should add a section for humanity sake. These lessons would be conducted to enforce respect and how to show respect; trust and how to trust with a balance, knowing things and people can change; and how to forgive. I think for what is going on in the schools, students are being distracted by the unnecessary and misleading things, and violence is the result.

The breaking news in Barbados and even worldwide is filled with a substantial amount of violence and shows the youth that it is completely pleasant to use violence as revenge or as justice.

However, violence is being passed on in a variety of ways. For example, parents who are violent to their children as a way of discipline, or a child who is constantly getting criticized or beaten by bigger siblings, provokes the child and he/she is more likely to pass on the treatment to someone with less dignity.

The violence in schools is not only physical force but the intention to cause emotional destruction. For example, the expression to generate a hurtful feeling to someone. 

As a matter of fact, it is violence that made slavery work for so long. Organized violence like how slaves were treated – that kind of brutality is uniformed. Violence is the measuring stick for control of the masses worldwide. Violence is real.

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