Two sentenced for having marijuana

courtOne man was fined and another ordered to perform community service when they appeared in court today on separate drug charges.

They are 23-year-old Rasheed Antonio Bishop, of Pickwick Gap, St Michael and 25-year-old Sean Kent Omari Clarke, of Cutting Road, Haggatt Hall, St Michael.

According to the facts presented by prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson, police saw Bishop walking along Whitepark Road, Bridgetown just after12 o’clock on October 23.

They stopped him after he was observed fidgeting with his left pants pocket, and when they searched him they found 31 paper wrappings containing the cannabis.

Asked to account for the illicit items, which had an estimated street value of $77.50 Bishop told the officers: “Man, I declare them is mines.”

Explaining the situation from the prisoner’s dock in court today, Bishop said he had the cannabis, as well as wrappers and cigarettes, to sell.

“Work has been slow right now . . . I had better days,” Bishop sought to explain.

Magistrate Frederick Douglas replied: “You can’t be selling marijuana because it is illegal . . . You have to [look] at the bigger picture . . . You are supporting the drug trade.”

The magistrate then imposed a $750 fine on Bishop, who has one month to pay or will spend three months in prison.

In the other case, the prosecutor revealed that Clarke was driving a car when police tried to pull him over.

However, he did not stop initially and police pursued him into Harris Gap where he eventually stopped the vehicle and fled.

A search of the vehicle by police revealed two grammes of the contraband worth $10 in the driver’s door pocket. Lawmen took the car to Hastings, Christ Church where the accused later turned up and admitted to the offence.

In court today, Clarke said: “I am very sorry . . . but it was for my personal use . . . I was just frightened because it was my first offence. I just ran because I thought it was a bigger situation than that there.”

He was given 150 hours of community service as it was his first offence. He will return to court on January 13, 2017.

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  1. Olivia Linton
    Olivia Linton October 25, 2016 at 10:39 am

    Since when was it legal to just stop and frisk someone without a reason or warrant??


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