Man arrested in connection with ‘sex’ video

Police have held a male suspect in connection with a “sex” video which has been circulating on social media showing a schoolgirl being coerced by a young man into performing various sex acts.

Public Relations Officer Acting Inspector Roland Cobbler also revealed to Barbados TODAY this afternoon that criminal charges were expected to be laid later this week.

The development comes a day after the principal of one secondary school and the parent of the teenage girl at the centre of the investigation were both contacted by police.

Yesterday, the Deputy Director of the Child Care Board Denise Nurse also confirmed that the child protection agency was looking into the matter and was prepared to provide counselling to the girl as required.

The video shows the young man exposing himself to the girl, who resisted his numerous attempts to put his hand up her skirt and to force her into various sex acts, including oral sex.

At one point, the male, who was dressed in a red shirt with three quarter jeans and a blue cap, also reached into his black haversack and pulled out a condom, but this was met with more refusal on the part of the girl.

The three-minute video was apparently shot from a peep hole in an area, which Barbados TODAY was unable to independently identify, even though there were unconfirmed reports that it was shot some where in Queen’s Park, The City.

Since then, Barbados TODAY has obtained a copy of a second video, showing a different girl and boy engaging in sexual intercourse at the same location, which according to officials appears to be a popular location for such acts.

4 Responses to Man arrested in connection with ‘sex’ video

  1. Jai Khan
    Jai Khan October 19, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    I’m glad he was found. That video shows that he knew it was being taped. God knows what would have happened after.. So young to exhibit that type of scheming mind. Smh

  2. sonny Errison October 20, 2016 at 10:13 am

    if she had gone home in the first place that would not had happen.

    i felt so proud on mornings and evenings when the officers check to make sure they are not loitering.
    school children shall have a certain timeto be off the road in iniform unless with an adult. THATS MY 2 CENTS WORTH.

  3. Shoncutta October 20, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    But whats is going to happen to the girl because even though the boy was dead wrong the girl stilled played a part in going to this private location with this boy.. So she knew her intentions but didnt have the courage to go through with it.. and lastly it was clear he was trying to force her yes but she still willingly kissed him so some feelings or connection had to be there

  4. har October 20, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    so so true shoncutta he is tottally wrong but the is just as wrong as he is so she to should be in trouble also he did not kid nap her my guess she went willingly


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