Tree falls through St Michael home

A St Michael family received the shock of their lives Wednesday when an uninvited and unwelcome guest dropped in, literally.

While Salem and Rashida Bodhania of 10th Avenue, Belleville were following the reports on Tropical Storm Matthew, a neighbour’s tree crashed into their home of 30 years.

Salem Bodhania inspecting the damage to his house.
Salem Bodhania inspecting the damage to his house.

Jolted by the experience, Rashida burst into tears.

“We were surprised. I said, ‘oh God’ and I started to cry,” the mother of one said.

She said it was a lucky escape because she normally said her prayers in the area where the tree fell at the time it came crashing in. However, she delayed her prayer by 15 minutes Wednesday.

“I does pray there every single day; I does pray there 4:30. What happened was that it was raining and thing, and I make tea all at 3 [o’clock] but I made the tea yesterday late,” she said.

Meantime, her husband told Barbados TODAY he had pleaded with the previous property owners over the past three decades to remove the tree, but to no avail.

“Over 30 years, I was telling them to cut that tree down . . . Tomas blow and blow down one in the front, and that was a younger tree and we were surprised how that was blown and this [one] didn’t get blow down but this time it came,” he said.

The house suffered damage to the roof, as well as extensive damage to its front, leaving the family partially exposed Wednesday night.

When Barbados TODAY arrived on scene Thursday, the Roving Response team was removing the remains of the fallen tree.  

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