Big haul

Two men, including fisherman, answer for drugs

Two St Michael men, charged with possession of $192 800 worth of cannabis, were today handed different sentences when they appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court.

Subhoza Andre Ferguson, 34, of Dalkeith Road and Adrian Douglas Harrow, 36, of Chapman Street are jointly charged with possession, possession to supply and trafficking of 24.1 kilogrammes of the illicit drug.

Subhoza Andre Ferguson
Subhoza Andre Ferguson

The offences allegedly occurred on September 26.

However, while Harrow, who was represented by attorney-at-law Angela Mitchell-Gittens, was granted $100,000 bail, his co-accused Ferguson was not so lucky.

The police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson argued that Ferguson was not a fit candidate for bail as he was currently on $150,000 bail from the High Court on similar cannabis and cocaine charges.

The prosecutor also pointed out that Ferguson was a non-national whose work permit had expired and highlighted the quantum and seriousness of the offences before the court.

However, Ferguson’s attorney Marlon Gordon argued that the his client’s status as a non-national had no bearing on his right to be granted bail.

He also submitted that Ferguson had ties to the country as he had lived here for the past 11 years and had a common law wife, as well as two children.

Gordon further pleaded for bail on his client’s behalf saying it could be granted with certain conditions.

However, Magistrate Douglas Frederick said: “I can’t see any further conditions that I can apply on you [Ferguson]. You are already on bail from the High Court and reporting to a police station everyday. How much more can I do? the magistrate asked, adding: “These are stringent conditions . . . I have not other choice but to remand you.”

It was at this point that Ferguson who had been sitting quietly intervened saying, “I am truly innocent in this matter.”

However, Frederick told Ferguson, who the court heard was a fisherman,“You are not in the same boat as the other man next to you.”

Ferguson was therefore remanded into custody at HMP Dodds. He will re-appear in court on October 27 along with Harrow, his co-accused.

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  1. Alex Alleyne September 30, 2016 at 8:47 am

    “I am truly innocent in this matter”. Second time on drugs charges . Clearly he has no respect of the LAWS of Barbados.


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