Food fight

Best friend accused of stealing groceries

A fight between Warrick Decourcey Whitwright and his “best friend” yesterday landed him behind bars.

Whitwright, 47, of Ruby Tenantry, St Philip appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court where he admitted to maliciously wounding John Farrell on September 17.

According to the facts presented by the police prosecutor, Whitwright accused Farrell of stealing his groceries, adding to tensions in their already strained friendship.

However, the situation only came to a head last Saturday around 5 p.m. when Whitwright approached Farrell about the groceries and a physical fight ensued.

Whitwright allegedly held on the virtual complainant, while he was at a bar at Halls Road, St Michael, and stabbed him once in the chest before running away. The police were summoned and Farrell was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by ambulance and treated for a .5-centimeter laceration to the chest. He was also diagnosed with musculoskeletal pain before he was discharged.

In explaining himself to the court, Whitwright said: “I did approach him . . . and it flared into a noise and into a scuffle . . . [but] he is the one that threw the first punch.”

However, Magistrate Douglas Frederick asked the accused man, who is known to the courts for several incidents of theft and house breaking, “Why would you do something so?”

In response, Whitwright said that Farrell was his best friend and “nothing [was] too good for him”.

Frederick responded: “But you almost kill this man.”

Whitwright then went into apologetic mode saying: “I went too far that day and I took it too far, I was drinking.”

The District ‘A’ magistrate then issued a summons for Farrell to appear in court on September 23.

“Let’s see what he [Farrell] is saying,” Frederick said.

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