Tortuga shuts shop, putting 29 on the breadline

Twenty-one of the 29 employees of Tortuga (Barbados) Ltd, formerly Bakers Choice Inc, have so far been placed on the breadline, following a decision taken by the company to discontinue its cake production operations here.

The remaining eight employees are due to go home by September 30.

On August 26, workers were officially informed by management of the pending closure. Impacted temporary and permanent workers were also offered severance packages, counseling and support with resume preparation in the hope that they will able to find new jobs.

CEO of Tortuga International Marcus Simmonds said the company was forced to consolidate its production activities in order to improve its competitiveness. He has also informed that going forward, Tortuga International will be sourcing cakes from other bakeries in the region, while R.L. Seale Limited will continue to supply the company with rum-based products that are manufactured in Barbados. 

2 Responses to Tortuga shuts shop, putting 29 on the breadline

  1. Alex Alleyne September 16, 2016 at 11:36 am

    Another Company driving a nail in the Barbados’ Coffin . Putting people out of work and got the gall to say it will be “sourcing cakes from other bakeries in the region”.
    Its a 3 must fall , WICB, LIAT and BIM, soon we will be saying “they all fall down”.

  2. Ric September 21, 2016 at 9:03 am

    Those employees, possibly, have a golden opportunity to get to gether and form their own business.


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