Quick response to Vauxhall fire

A mother of three is breathing a sigh of relief after her home was spared severe damage following an early morning fire at Vauxhall, Christ Church.

The blaze, which occurred just after 6 a.m., destroyed a neighbouring two-bedroom wooden house. Two tenders responded. The woman, who identified herself as Sharon, said her home suffered minor damage to the roof and windows and slight water damage. She also said the owner of the destroyed home was currently overseas.

This morning’s fire destroyed this unoccupied wooden dwelling.
This morning’s fire destroyed this unoccupied wooden dwelling.

However, as she assisted in cleaning up water that had settled in one of the bedrooms of her home, Sharon said it was the quick response from the Barbados Fire Service that saved her the headache of having to look for somewhere for her family to live.

The woman said she was awakened by the shouts of another resident that the blaze had started and was about to spread to her home.

“He just come and shout me and say, ‘Sharon get up, Sharon get up, the place burning down’. And we just get up in a frenzy trying to get things out and wet the place and stuff.” 

She stressed that if not for the swift action taken by fire officers, she may have been made homeless.

“I am so glad it wasn’t worst because it would have been a disaster and all the roof would have [caught afire]. I thank the Lord it ain’t nothing worst. Just before the fire tender get here the roof started to catch so them get here just in time. I just want to give thanks to the firemen,” Sharon added.

Meanwhile, Christ Church West Central Member of Parliament Stephen Lashley, who was at the scene checking in with residents, said he was thankful that the fire was contained to the unoccupied house. He too had high praises for the work of the firemen.

“Generally speaking while we had the fire there has not been no major fallout in terms of the neighbouring properties. I believe there has been some dislocation with electricity and I think we look forward then to the outcome of the investigations.

“But this was a case where worst could have happened and I want to thank the very quick response of the fire service and of course the police and residents in the area who would have alerted the police to this fire,” Lashley said. 


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