Fish vendor threatens to ‘juck’ ex-girlfriend with knife

A fish vendor from St Thomas must undergo anger management classes and keep the peace for the next 12 months.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick imposed the sentence on 33-year-old Matthew Dacosta Thompson of Hopewell this afternoon, after he admitted to telling Stacia Callendar, “I would juck my knife in de top of ya head.”

According to the facts read by police prosecutor Neville Watson, Thompson and Callender were involved in a relationship, which ended on September 8 this year.

However, while Callender was at stall No. 7 at the Cheapside Fishing Complex on September 13, Thompson approached her trying to engage in a conversation, but she refused and walked away. This prompted Thompson to issue the threatening words, and, fearing for her life, the woman reported the matter to police.

Asked to explain his behaviour, Thompson said: “I was just trying to communicate with her that’s all.

“I went to her neutral asking for five minutes and she want to talk in front of everybody,” he told the court.

As Frederick looked over Thompson’s conviction record, he told him: “It shows here that you have an anger problem . . . wounding someone in 2006 . . . bodily harm in 2011 . . . and you came back here for the same thing, you have a history of this thing”.

When Callendar took to the witness stand she told the court, “The relationship is over . . .  . He broadcast things about my mother, my child on Facebook and Whatsapp. I fear for my life.”

Thompson issued an apology to Callendar after she explained to the No. 1 Court what she had been through during the course of their 11-month relationship. She did not reply to him.

The accused man was placed on a bond to keep the peace for a year. If breached, he will spend six months in jail. He was also warned to stay away from Callendar.

Thompson is scheduled to return to court on September 20 when he will meet with a probation officer to discuss the anger management course he will undergo.

2 Responses to Fish vendor threatens to ‘juck’ ex-girlfriend with knife

  1. harry turnover September 15, 2016 at 8:16 am

    Thompson ya lucky but in future don’t look fa somebody that en working otherwise 3/4 of ya pay packet gone when de friday come

    Look fa somebody that ya don’t have to spend nuff money pun.Do like men that I does hear talking…….don’t keep one woman…..always look to be the DEPUTY( outside man )….always tell them you have someone else so that they can’t see you when they want to…..and be able to tell nuff lies without blinking or swallowing……and if ya gine tell lies,ya must have a good memory.
    Remember sometime ago in my youth,a young woman said it was that time of the month for her,but the following week said that she had MISSED them and she wanted money for an abortion.
    When I REMINDED her about what she had said the previous week she went as quiet as a church mouse on a Good Friday morning.
    After that I OBVIOUSLY operated to suit.

  2. Bel ed September 15, 2016 at 10:21 am

    He threaten and harassing his ex has past convictions for violence and so much Domestic violence and murder of partners happening in Barbados and he get a bond. A men stole a chicken and was sent to Dodds. They waiting for him to kill her. Prevention is better than cure.


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