Case dismissed after four years

courtActing Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick yesterday dismissed a four-year-old case of theft against a Christ Church man.

Shawn Ricardo Applewaithe of Browne’s Gap, Sargeant Village was charged with stealing three cases of bacon worth $607.09; three cases of burgers worth $568.23; two cases of chicken nuggets worth $559.76 and two cases of hot dogs valued at $281.52 on July 31, 2012.

The goods belonged to Hanschell Inniss Company Ltd.

However, when Applewaithe appeared before the No 1 District “A” Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Prosecutor Neville Watson informed Frederick that the complainant was no longer interested in pursuing the matter.

“When contacted the virtual complainant said he was no longer affiliated with the company and he wasn’t coming. So, this case will ultimately fail Sir. He does not want to come and I will not force him to come Sir,” Watson said.

Frederick had no choice but to drop the case for “want of prosecution”.

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