Unwanted guest

Man sent for psychiatric evaluation after breaking into hotel room

COURT TODAY BLOCKHe used a hotel room he hadn’t paid for. But Monday, 26-year-old Chapman Lane, St Andrew resident Kevin Omar Branch was sent for a psychiatric evaluation – free of cost – after admitting to unlawfully entering the Radisson Aquatica Resort on May 16 this year, after he was told not to do so.

When the apprentice engineer appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick, the prosecutor told the court that a maid who was cleaning Room 107 left to fetch some items, but when she returned the door was locked and a Do Not Disturb sign was placed over the handle.

The maid asked management about the room and they assured her it should have been unoccupied.

Sergeant Neville Reid said when they made a check, they saw Branch leaving the premises and found a wet bathroom and sand on the floor.

The accused was identified through video footage, investigations were carried out and he was arrested on Sunday on the premises of the nearby Hilton Hotel.

Monday, Branch explained that he went to a picnic on the beach, got drunk and ended up in the room.

 He also admitted to being a drug user and asked the court for help.

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  1. Joan Wickham
    Joan Wickham September 6, 2016 at 12:43 am

    so wait he /the white man did the same thing/the judge did not know what to do with the white man, but the black man was sent to the mental, hhahahhha, murderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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