‘Remember Campus Trendz six’

Church leader Thelma Gill Barnett is appealing to Barbadians not to forget the six young women who perished in the Campus Trendz fire six years ago.

Speaking this morning at a September 3 Foundation press conference at the Clement Payne Centre at Crumpton Street, The City, Gill Barnett said as the years go by it could become easy for memories of the tragedy to fade.

However, she said, while the relatives of the victims were preparing to observe the sixth anniversary of the tragedy on Saturday, “one of the darkest moments” in the country’s history should never be forgotten., particularly with the prevalence of  crime and violence.

“Today, what’s happening is Barbadians are tending to forget one of the darkest moments that has ever happened in this country where six young women went in to do what they had to. . .,” she said.

Gill Barnett of the Messenger for the Christ Church, is one of the founding members of the Foundation established to commemorate the lives of the six young women who perished when the Campus Trendz store on Tudor Street, The City was firebombed by two young men on September 3, 2010.

In early July Jamar Bynoe was found guilty on all six counts of murdering Shanna Griffith, Kelly-Ann Welch, Pearl Cornelius, Kellishaw Olivierre, Nikita Belgrave and Tiffany Harding and was sentenced to hang, while Renaldo Alleyne pleaded guilty of manslaughter in 2011.

“Never think it cannot happen to me, it cannot happen to you nor it cannot happen again because yes it can. Far too many young men are walking on the streets today as prowlers and they will find somewhere and somehow to create criminal activity that cause them either to continue filling up the prison system,” Gill Barnett stressed.

Over the past five years the September 3 Foundation has held a national remembrance service at Heroes Square in memory of the young women on the anniversary of the fire.

However, the event was cancelled this year because, according to organizers, the Square had already been booked for another event.

Tiffany Harding’s grandmother Cicily Harding as the only family member present at today’s press conference. It was evident that the pain of losing her grandchild was still present.

“Those two fellas, I don’t think that they deserve what they getting now. They should never got their eyes open. I would say that because it hurt me to think that those two fellas willfully went in that store to do that. They should not be living happy now,” Harding declared.

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