New duo impresses

A hot, fresh duo is shaking up entertainment on the hotel circuit.

They are known as Allure and, just as their name suggests, they have been drawing crowds to Infinity on the Beach and St Lawrence Gap during the week.

Azizi Clarke, whose stage name is Azizi and Cherish Maynard, better known as Chenice, are no strangers to the entertainment scene. It’s little wonder then that they are delighting tourists and locals alike with their talent.

Chenice says it’s a joy to perform.
Chenice says it’s a joy to perform.
Best friends  – Azizi and Chenice formed the group Allure.
Best friends  – Azizi and Chenice formed the group Allure.

Believe it or not, it was boredom and a prod from a friend that led the two songbirds, who are best friends, to create the new act.

“The idea came from my boyfriend who works here at the hotel,” said Azizi with a smile as she playfully knocked her friend’s shoulder.

“We were bored and wanted something to do. We wanted to keep going and this was the perfect thing to do.”

And they have been doing it well, if the loud cheers and excitement on the faces of patrons at Keeko’s Bar at Infinity on the Beach this past week were anything to go by.

“We try to sing all genres to make our audience satisfied and make them happy- get them to enjoy the vibes,” Chenice told Bajan Vibes after the energetic performance.

“I am a lover of music and I believe in pushing all genres in music. They all have their place in society. In Barbados, we like to push calypso and soca but it is very important to me to not only be known as a soca artist but to be a very versatile singer and performer,” she added.

The two singers who broke onto the music scene after competing in the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition just over four years ago, admitted their new act is a lot of hard work, but the support of friends and family keeps them going, not to mention the response from the guests.

“They find our music so exotic, especially soca,” Chenice said.

Azizi is hoping they will do more than just entertain. She is hoping that they can inspire other young artistes to spread their wings.

“We are trying to incorporate the younger artistes, like my sister…to show how it is done and also to follow their dreams.

“You have to make yourself known. It is lot of hard work, for sure, but it’s worth it,” Azizi added. 

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