On a high

BCC reports strong response to new programmes

The new bachelor’s degree programmes scheduled to be introduced at the Barbados Community College (BCC) are driving interest in the tertiary institution.

When the new school year begins on Monday September 5, the BCC will offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in Entertainment Management, Health Sciences, Science, Media and Journalism and Education.

Without giving figures, Registrar Roger Worrell said the response to the programmes had been good, while interest remained high in the nursing programme.

“We are now looking at the enrolment – we don’t have actual figures as yet – but we know that there are more highs than lows in areas like nursing. We have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and we have had an extremely good response to that. Also our culinary arts programmes; generally all our programmes are in demand,” Worrell told Barbados TODAY.

He said registration had been hampered by the late release of results by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC), but students were “trickling in with their CXC results but we don’t foresee any dramatic decrease” in enrolment.

Worrell added that both first-time and returning students would begin classes same time, with an orientation session to help those who recently left secondary school adapt to college life. (AGB)

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  1. Tony Webster August 27, 2016 at 6:31 am

    This is indeed a positive move by the management of the B.C.C. However, the mere attainment of a professional quallificaton, is not the signe qua non to gain employment; or even to facilitate a sucessful launch into entrepreunership; or to redound to the good of the nation as a whole. It’s but a component of the big picture: “the-elephant-in-the-room” remains our economic fundamentals, directly due to wrong-headed policies, and a scandalous fiscal state-of-affairs.

    Would the Board of B.C.C. consider a new course, “Government 101”? I could offer several candidates who could use some basic instruction.

    Witness the recent Brass Tacks programme , where several bright young people, holding U.W.I. qualifications, shocked listeners by admitting that some of them have been reduced to OMITTING their UWI qualifications in their CV’s, lest they provide another reason ( over-qualification) for prospective employers to reject them. Hard to believe…and Good Luck with the new B.C.C. offerings- they seem well-selected.

  2. Hal Austin August 27, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Why is the BCC offering so-called degrees in these soft subjects. In the early 21st century Barbados is knee deep in digital poverty, that is where the catching up is badly needed.
    Take journalism, what Barbados needed is good journalists, not highly qualified ones.
    Education is another subject that over oversupplied. What sis Erdiston for?
    We must stop these jobsworths from using taxpayers money to make themselves feel self-important.
    The role of the community college is to lift the basic level of education in Barbados: English, maths, computer studies, etc, not competing with the UWI.


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