Smith gets ‘golden handshake’

A 20-year-old St Michael man was yesterday ordered to keep the peace for the next six months.

If Antonio Daren Smith fails to comply with the court order handed down by Acting Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick, he will spend six months behind bars.

Smith, of Spruce Street Alley, St Michael was in custody at the Psychiatric Hospital since August 3.

He was sent there for assessment and drug rehabilitation after he pleaded guilty to possession of an apparatus intended for the use of cocaine.

When he appeared before Frederick yesterday, officials at the Black Rock-based institution recommended that Smith undergoes treatment in another drug rehabilitation programme, but he declined.

Smith told the magistrate he could break the drug habit on his own and would prefer not to attend the programme.

“I will give you the golden handshake then and let you go. I am going to put you on a six months’ bond to keep the peace. If you breach it, six months imprisonment. Do you want that?” the magistrate asked.

“No Sir,” Smith replied.

“And why not?” Frederick queried.

“Because it is not a good thing,” Smith answered.

The Acting Magistrate then enforced his decision and informed Smith that drug rehabilitation was attached to the six-months prison term.

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  1. Alex Alleyne August 25, 2016 at 9:55 am

    This is where there is a flaw in the system. If this guy needed more treatment the court should make sure he get it in order to bring him back into society “fully clean” of his bad habit.


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