GUYANA – Deadly case of mistaken identity

GEORGETOWN –– The man who opened fire on Tuesday night when a car turned on his bridge in front of his Tucville, Georgetown home—killing a father of one and wounding a 22-year-old woman — has reportedly told the cops that he thought that persons intent on killing him were in the vehicle.

The alleged shooter, who has been identified as a contractor, gave police a statement, claiming that he had an argument earlier in the day with a group of men, who threatened to return and kill him.

The suspect alleged that when he noticed a heavily-tinted car on his bridge around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday night, he thought that the men had returned to make good their threat, so he decided to open fire first in an effort to save himself.

Colin Perreira and his daughter.
Colin Perreira and his daughter.

However, the occupants of the car were not Benn’s would-be attackers. They were 24-year-old Colin Perreira of Barr Street, Kitty and 22-year-old Gail Ann Chacon.

The police in a release said that they are investigating an alleged murder committed on Colin Perreira and attempted murder of Gail Ann Chacon by a licensed firearm holder.

According to the police, investigations so far have revealed that Perreira, who was driving a heavily tinted motor car, with the other victim seated in the front passenger seat, attempted to turn around the vehicle, in front of the suspect’s residence.

In the process, the suspect, who was in his yard, drew his licenced handgun and discharged several rounds at the vehicle, hitting the victims about their bodies.

Perreira was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) while the 22-year-old woman is said to be in a stable condition.

Kaieteur News was told that Perreira and Chacon worked for the same person and at the time of the shooting, the father of one was dropping his co-worker home. The 22-year-old woman lives a few houses away from the shooter.

At Perreira’s home yesterday, his mother could not speak. A relative said that they are all trying to cope with the young man’s sudden demise.

“It is hard. If he was sick and died it wouldn’t have been so difficult, but this was a healthy man who left home to make two drops and never came home back because he was murdered. His child will never know her father,” the woman lamented.

She added that the father of one had used his brother’s car to drop home the injured woman and another person. The woman admitted that the car was heavily tinted.

Meanwhile, the injured woman’s uncle, Peter Jeffrey said that they were home and heard rapid gunshots and his grandchildren rushed out of the yard to see what was happening.

“They see this boy [Perreira] coming and he said he get shoot and I asked him where is Gail, and he said that she in the car and me and her father rushed to the car and pulled her out,” Jeffrey recalled.

He explained that while they were trying to get his niece out of the vehicle, the suspect was standing there with his gun in his hands.

According to Jeffrey, the shooter was telling persons at the scene that he had a problem with someone who threatened to kill him.

“He said that when he saw the tinted car, he thought it was the person who wanted to kill him.”

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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