Six months for stealing bicycle

courtLess than a month after he was released from HMP Dodds, a habitual thief was today sentenced to six months behind bars for stealing a bicycle.

And it appeared Dale Andrew White, 41, wanted Acting Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick to incarcerate him.

White said since his release from prison earlier this month he had been living with his mother, “but my mother put me out because I was not working”.

White confessed to stealing a bicycle belonging to Harltey Richards on August 14, but said he forgot to seek permission to take it.

The court heard that Richards had left his bicycle in his yard unsecured and had travelled abroad. However, his wife later realized that the bike was missing. A check of their CCTV footage showed White removing the bicycle.

The bicycle was worth $100 but according to the facts presented by prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson, White sold it for $30 after using it for his personal use.

“Yes Sir, $30, it was an old bicycle, just bare parts,” White told the No 1 Magistrates Court.

Referring to his past convictions, Magistrate Frederick reminded White that he was known to the courts for numerous theft offences.

“I duh went and pick mangoes already off of that man [tree] and that man catch me and he tell me if I want anything I can ask, but I didn’t remember to ask for the bicycle,” White said, begging for three or six months in jail for his crime.

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