Electrician reprimanded and discharged

courtAn electrician from St Andrew apparently got the shock of his life yesterday when he was arrested for drugs.

Rhondel Dacosta Leron Jemmont, 28, of Mose Bottom, St Andrew pleaded guilty to possession of 49 cannabis seeds, which had a $25 street value.

The No 1 District “A” Court presided over by Acting Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick heard that lawmen on duty saw Jemmont among a group of men in Hillaby, St Andrew.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Martin Rock said lawmen became suspicious when they noticed Jemmont fidgeting with his left pants pocket.

A search was requested to which Jemmont agreed and the illegal substance was found in a plastic bag.

However, Jemmont told the court: “I came from a game of cricket and I saw the bag on the seat and I picked it up and the police turned in. I don’t smoke sir, I don’t drink.”

When asked by the Acting Chief Magistrate whether he was willing to undergo immediate testing to prove he did not do drugs, Jemmont responded in the positive.

Fredrick reprimanded and discharged him with a warning.

“Do not pick up things that are not yours next time,” the magistrate advised Jemmnot.

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  1. Brien King
    Brien King August 24, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    Hmm. an innocent fool, I am of the belief he knew what was in the bag but got scared when police show up. I don’t buy his story but he got off with a slap on the wrist, I do hope he learns from his mistake here.


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