Insufficient funds

Cherry says $5 million not enough to clean up Barbados

Controversial waste hauler Anderson Fat Child Cherry said this afternoon that the $5 million allocated by Government for a national clean up campaign was short of what was needed for the campaign to be effective.

In presenting the 2016 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals on Tuesday, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler announced that Government would welcome all hands on deck, including Cherry, who had earlier been rebuffed by Minister of the Environment and Drainage Dr Denis Lowe.

Lowe had rejected Cherry’s offer of help in the collection of garbage, suggesting that unless he got rid of his illegal dump site at Lears Quarry, St Michael, the leading waste hauler would not even pick up a dead dog for his ministry.

This afternoon, Cherry, who told Barbados TODAY he felt humbled that Sinckler had invited him to participate in the clean up drive, said more than $5 million would be needed if the campaign were to be feasible.

“In my estimation almost $7 million would be needed for the clean up campaign,” the owner of Jose Y Jose Liquid and Solid Waste Management Inc said.

He also wanted to know how and where the waste generated through the campaign would be disposed.

“After the clean up campaign, what are we going to do with the stuff that we take up such as the fridges and stoves? I mean you could clearly see over at Bs [Bs Recycling in Cane Garden, St Thomas] who is trying his best, there is a hazard,” Cherry pointed out. The outspoken waste hauler, who has parked some of his idle garbage trucks outside Lowe’s offices in Warrens, also complained of accumulating white metals at the landfill. He said these metals, along with used tyres, were simply being stockpiled in Barbados. “There is no provision to deal with the tyres in Barbados, yet we are paying a recycler over $24 million a year and exposing the people of Barbados, not only to the Zika virus, but to destroy our tourism industry,” he charged.

Cherry told Barbados TODAY he estimated it would take about $3.1 million to tread the tyres which have been collected and another $805,000 to tread the fridges and stoves, including the ones that have piled up at Bs Recycling. “We in Barbados and the Minister of Finance and the Minister of the Environment have to look at this very carefully. . . and don’t wipe his hands of Bs at all. He needs help and the island needs help,” the Jose y Jose boss declared.

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley told Parliament in her reply to the budget presentation that she supported the plan to clean up the country, but insisted that it must not be a one-off initiative.

2 Responses to Insufficient funds

  1. Brian Porte
    Brian Porte August 20, 2016 at 6:07 am

    But how is he controversial?

    • John Everatt August 20, 2016 at 4:13 pm

      Mr. Cherry simply had the nerve to challenge the ill fated tipping fee. That is what seems to have started it all.


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