Business facilitation urgent, says Symmonds

Opposition Member of Parliament Kerrie Symmonds has knocked the Freundel Stuart administration on the state of doing business in Barbados.

Responding to the 2016 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals last night, Symmonds said Government was not paying enough attention to the number of obstacles faced by the public trying to conduct business here.

He said something needed to be done urgently to address the problem, alleging that Barbadian business people were being forced to waste time moving from one Government department to the next in order to get paper work done.

“And while I have a difficulty with being treated that way, what means even more to me is that today frustration of the people I represent is seen when they go about their legitimate business.

“Beyond the investor coming to Barbados or that we would want come to Barbados, beyond the businessman, the ordinary Barbadian born and bred [face frustration],” he told parliamentarians.

Symmonds acknowledged that Barbados was not alone in trying to move an economy into a more sophisticated modern setting, and he encouraged the Freundel Stuart administration to learn from other countries that are taking steps to facilitate the transaction of business.

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