Sir Vivian defends Olympic sprinter

Sir Vivian Richards, has come out swinging in defence of Antiguan sprinter Daniel Bailey, who has come under fire at home for not competing in the 100-metre sprint in Rio.

Bailey pulled out of the semi-final heat on Sunday citing pain associated with scar tissue that resulted from surgery last November. His withdrawal prompted angry responses from members of the public, who accused him of being afraid and running away from competition.

Daniel Bailey is being criticized in Antigua.
Daniel Bailey is being criticized in Antigua.

But Richards has stepped to Bailey’s defence, saying the public should show more empathy for the injured sprinter.

“There are always times as an athlete when you [feel] like you can go and accomplish things even though you are injured. It is not all the time that you are at your best that you are going to do well, so let us just calm down a little bit and stop being so critical about the individual because a whole lot of folks can’t accomplish half the things that kid would have accomplished so far, and especially in the name of Antigua & Barbuda,” Sir Vivian said.

Sir Vivian said the public should cool their emotions as Bailey has served his country well over the years.

“This guy, in a big way, has represented us well and even though you may hear all the circumstances as to why and why not in terms of whether he is injured, to be fair, the guy did well enough – if he had all these stuff happening – to have gotten to a stage which I think he did and we should be proud of that,” Sir Vivian said.

Source: (Sportsmax)

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