Stories of songs

The performers of three nation-building songs were the big winners in this year’s Sweet Soca, Party Monarch and Pic-O-De-Crop competitions.

What a fitting development it was in a year in which Barbados is celebrating its 50th anniversary of Independence.

What exactly is the story behind these songs? Sweet Soca Monarch, Edwin Yearwood, and Party Monarch, Lil Rick, told Bajan Vibes what went into making their songs.

Edwin Yearwood showing off his winning vehicle.  
Edwin Yearwood showing off his winning vehicle.  
Lil Rick elated to receive his car last Wednesday.
Lil Rick elated to receive his car last Wednesday.

Lil Rick’s song, Iz A Bajan, was penned in just one day. It was written specifically for Party Monarch and also to celebrate the island’s 50th anniversary of Independence.

“I always wanted to write a song about Barbados and that Monday morning when the thought came to me, I said ‘yea I got it now’,” Rick recalled.

“It came at the right time. I wrote it in a day, produced it in a day. They wanted to know if I was mad. So it was like I got the idea Monday, wrote it Tuesday, and produced it Wednesday and took it in by 4 p.m. that day,” he added with a chuckle.

Lil Rick, a 20 year veteran in the entertainment business, said he intends to push the song beyond the 166 square miles of Barbados and expects it to do great things.

“I actually wrote the song for the whole year, not just Crop Over. We are celebrating 50 and that is what the song is about, celebrating and being proud to be a Bajan,” he explained.

“I definitely have plans to push it beyond. I don’t have plans for a video as yet but I plan to push it. I can see those Bajan flags pumping in the video. Everything just blue yellow and black and looking sweet,” he added.

Edwin, the Sweet Soca Monarch, also has plans to see his song Home Sweet Home soar well past the shores of Barbados.

“I would like to see this song go far and represent Barbados. The idea of the song was to represent the 50th anniversary but beyond that. That’s why I didn’t put 50 in it to date the song,” he explained.

Edwin told Bajan Vibes that in his experience travelling over the world, Bajans were often accused of not being patriotic and his hope was that this song would help change that.

“Over the years travelling and stuff, artistes in Barbados suffer in the carnival arena around the world because people say that Barbadians are not patriotic,” he noted.

“I remember some promoters saying they would like to bring younger artistes down but

Barbadians don’t come out and support and I believe a song like that can encourage Barbadians to come back out and support.

“It’s all in the best interest of the country and myself. At the end of the day, I wanted to have a song about Barbados again that spoke directly about Barbados. 50 years is nothing to overlook,” Edwin added.

He revealed that he has already had some approaches to use the song for promotional purposes and is excited to see where it goes.

“I would love to see the song do really well. So I’m looking forward to see where that goes,” Edwin said.


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  1. Cherry Amor
    Cherry Amor August 18, 2016 at 11:19 am

    May all the good work theydid follow through

  2. Sheron Inniss August 22, 2016 at 11:17 am

    Mr Edwin Yearwood I have been following you from day 1. As a friend of mine would say I loves you no end.
    Lil Rick I think there must be two of you sometimes but some say the same of me. You can’t please every one. I loves you too.
    Keep on keeping on.
    Congratulations and Blessings.


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