Drug offender says he’s a changed man

courtA St Michael man Wednesday pleaded guilty to several drug offences almost two years after being charged.

Appearing before Acting Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick Wednesday morning, Randy Alex Durant, 34, of Whitehall #1, St Michael pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis, possession of cocaine, possession with intent to supply and trafficking of cocaine.

According to Prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson, the drugs were discovered on September 2, 2014, when police executed a search warrant at Durant’s residence.

Watson said the controlled substances where found in a bedroom, stashed in a plastic bag, in a hole in the concrete ground under a tile.

In the plastic bag were 86 grease-proof wrappings containing a crystalized substance, as well and 24 small Ziploc bags with five foil wrappings containing cannabis.

The marijuana weighed 5.7 grammes and had a street value of $28.50, while the cocaine weighed 9.7 grammes and had a street value of $98.

Asked by the Acting Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick whether he had anything to say in his defence, Durant said: “I trying to turn my life [around]. Things I use to do, I don’t do them no more.”

“I got a nice job and I trying to hold up my head,” said Durant, who stated that the drug once belong to his brother, who had since moved overseas.

“It was my brother stuff and he left and I just had it . . . use to sell it Sir,” he added even as he was adamant that he was not a user, to which Frederick said: “So you were just looking out for yourself?”

“Yes sir,” Durant answered.

The Acting Magistrate asked whether he would appreciate it if the drug were sold to his son.

“No Sir,” Durant answered, to which Frederick said: “If you plant eddoes you can’t expect to reap sweet potatoes.”

Durant was ordered to pay the No 1 District “A” Magistrates Court $1,000 forthwith on the possession with intent to supply cocaine charge or face six months imprisonment.

He was convicted, reprimanded and discharged on the charges of possession and trafficking of cocaine.

Durant was also fined $500 for possession of cannabis, which must be paid in two weeks or an alternative of six months imprisonment.

One Response to Drug offender says he’s a changed man

  1. BoboTheClown August 18, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    If through family ,friends or reputable indivisuals this guy was indeed shown to have changed his life style and is indeed a change man ,then i think the Judge should have been somewhat lenient in his sentencing.A suspended sentence would have offered some apathy, or an order to do some Community chores like assisting a clean up somewhere,or assisting an elderly person with some yard duties.


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