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Quarry not running out of sand – Warren

No need to panic, the Walkers Sand Quarry is not running out of sand, according to the operators of that quarry.

A report in yesterday’s Sunday Sun indicated that about three to four months’ supply of sand remained at the St Andrew quarry, quoting information “allegedly taken from a 4-page report by the Energy Division, following a site visit on May 25” by a source.

However, Operations Manager of Island Development Limited Shae Warren told Barbados TODAY the company had more than enough of the product to satisfy current demands beyond four months.

He explained that the information in the story might have been in relation to stage four of the mining process.

The company was given permission to mine sand in four stages, but Warren said an application for permission to mine a fifth stage was currently before the Town and Country Planning Department and he was expecting a response soon.

“The quarry is not running out of sand. What is happening is that we are in our fourth stage of mining permissions and we submitted an application for a fifth stage of mining. So right now we are approaching the end of stage four and awaiting permission for a fifth stage. So I think the story that is being voiced is relating to stage four, but there is no indication that stage five is not coming,” Warren explained.

“We are dealing with a finite resource and ultimately that resources will dwindle, but that is not eminent,” he added

“The application is in with Town and Country Planning and everything we have seen so far doesn’t indicate that we won’t receive permission, but we can’t speak on behalf of Town and Country Planning. We are expecting a response on the permission any day now. So we anticipate there won’t be any issue or disruption in our supply,” Warren assured. (MM)

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