BAHAMAS – Break-in suspect shot by police dies in hospital

NASSAU – A man died in hospital Friday night hours after he was shot by police after stabbing and injuring two officers as they attempted to foil a home invasion on East Street north.

A woman, who lives at the house, was also injured in the incident and was taken to hospital.

Police at the scene on Friday afternoon.
Police at the scene on Friday afternoon.

Chief Superintendent Clayton Fernander, officer-in-charge of the Central Detective Unit, said around 12:15 p.m. on Friday, officers responded to a home invasion in progress on East Street. Upon arrival, officers entered the house where they were attacked by a young man wielding a knife.

After sustaining some injuries, the officers shot the suspect.

The suspect was taken to hospital, but died Friday night. The two officers also sought medical attention.

Speaking with reporters at the scene, Chief Supt Fernander praised the “quick response” by officers to the crime scene, and encouraged members of the public to continue to partner with police to allow them to capture “these few individuals who continue to wreak havoc in our communities.”

He also cautioned would-be criminals and suspects to avoid attacking the police, particularly while engaging in criminal activities.

“They’d better be in fear because we are trained and we will continue to go at them,” he said. “We are trained. If they attack the officers they have to protect themselves and also members of the public. They have to ensure that they are safe, that no injuries come to members of the public and themselves. So we are trained. Either they get shot, or they will die.”

Source: (Tribune242)

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