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Harrison College sweeps 2016 scholarships

Harrison College has taken the lion’s share of the scholarships awarded by Government for 2016.

The 280-year old co-education school also produced more exhibitions this year than any other school.

When Minister of Education Ronald Jones announced the winners at a news conference at his Constitution Road, St Michael office Friday afternoon, he told reporters that of the nine scholarships awarded this year, seven went to Harrison College. The remaining two were secured by Queen’s College.

These two schools also almost swept the 18 exhibitions, with the Crumpton Street, Bridgetown Harrison College receiving seven and Queen’s College gaining six.

Christ Church Foundation earned one and The St Michael School and Barbados Community College got two each.

The nine scholarships granted this year represented a steep drop of 66 per cent from the 27 awarded by Government last year. The number of exhibitions fell from 25 last year.

While noting that the number of scholarships and exhibitions granted to students who excelled in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations and the Associate Degree programme of the Barbados Community College  represented a 50 per cent drop, Jones did not given a reason for the reduction.   

  However, the minister responded to queries on social media as to who got scholarships and exhibitions.

“Scholarship winners are persons whose grades are all grade ones at the CAPE level with an A profile generally. Those persons with exhibitions . . . the majority grade ones, but they must have no more than a Grade 2 in a particular subject or plus a Grade 2 in the mandatory subject [communications studies and Caribbean studies],” he explained, adding that one could not receive an exhibition with a Grade 2 in biology, a Grade 2 in chemistry and a Grade 2 in Caribbean studies.

Jones said a student could get an exhibition in the same subjects such as physics unit one and unit 2 and Caribbean studies.

“But you can’t get it in physics, chemistry and the mandatory subjects,” the minister stressed.

He said that after further scrutiny of the returns at CAPE, some students might ask for reviews, which is allowed under CXC rules. As a result, Jones told reporters that there might be additional scholarships and exhibitions following the reviews.

The full list of students include scholarship winners Ajani Alleyne, Kia Barrow, Sherice Campbell, Blair Carter, Jhane Craigwell , Bradley King and Joshua Worme of Harrison College and Caroline Haynes and Shermona Rodney of Queen’s College.

The exhibitions winners are Harrison College Nikolai Burton, Jordan Forde, Danielle Grazette, Reggio Lorde, Jovan Medford, Deborah Rowe and Javed Spencer of Harrison College; Queen’s College’s Eshe Blackett, Maia Drakes, Ashley Gibson, Kayla James, Anil Karnani and Subhang Nanduri; Aisha Trimmingham of Christ Church Foundation;

Kianer Chewitt and Kali Grant of The St Michael School and Barbados Community Tracey Brathwaite and Danielle White of the Barbados Community College. 

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