Ice pick reveller escapes with bond and a warning

COURT TODAY BLOCKThe last time he appeared in court, John Daniel Matthews pleaded guilty to three charges before Acting Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

The Prescod Bottom, Bank Hall, St Michael resident admitted that he had an offensive weapon along Bank Hall Main Road on Kadooment Day, as well as resisting and assaulting Constable Adrian Thomas in the execution of his duties on August 1.

According to what Sergeant Martin Rock told the court, police who were providing security during the recent festivities saw an altercation between some men at the area of Eastmond Corner and Bank Hall Road. As lawmen approached the group scattered, but Matthews was caught and interviewed by the law enforcement officials. It was during that interview that the officers discovered an ice pick in Matthew’s pocket.

Matthews said he had the ice pick “to juck up people” because “he ain’t frighten,” the prosecutor said.

The prosecutor outlined how Matthews struggled during the arrest and had cuffed Constable Thomas in the mouth.

In Matthews version, he recalled telling police that he had the ice pick to use for ice and further, “I never cuff the officer . . . I get cuff in my mout’ Sir. If I did cuff the police officer in he mout’ I would get beat,” Matthews pointed out. He then asked the court to be lenient on him.

Matthews was placed on a bond to keep the peace for nine months.

He was reprimanded and discharged on the remaining charges, with the advice that he needed to turn his life around.

“And the next time you go to Kadooment, don’t leave home with any weapons,” Frederick warned.

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