Family feud

COURT TODAY BLOCKA Grazettes, St Michael father was Friday granted $4,000 bail after pleading guilty to assaulting his 18-year-old daughter.

However, Waindy Vishensky Taylor told Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant he simply wanted to see the teenager off the streets, prompting the magistrate to remind him his daughter was an adult.

“One of these days she might come to you but until she does, you are to stay away from your daughter,” Cuffy-Sargeant ordered Taylor of #19 Durham Close, Grazettes, St Michael.

The remarks came after the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court heard that Taylor and his daughter were in an altercation last Sunday, resulting in his choking her and pushing her to the ground.

Sergeant Neville Reid told the hearing that at the time of the incident the teenager was at her mother’s house, where she has been living for the past two months. Her father had repeatedly asked her to remove the remainder of her items from his house and when he did so again on August 9, the young woman told him it was not possible.

As she turned to walk away from Taylor, he asked her whether she thought he was playing rounders, held his daughter around the throat with both hands and began choking her, before pushing her to the ground.

She struggled to remove his hands and was assisted by other persons.

The teen reported the matter to police and the medical report revealed soft tissue injury to her back, neck and shoulder and abrasions to her back and shoulder.

In explaining his position to the court, Taylor said he never asked his daughter to return for her clothes but had asked her to go and clean the room which she “left in a state.”

Taylor added that on the day of the incident, he wanted to tell his daughter she was “going down the wrong road”.  He said he had asked for the opportunity for them to talk numerous times and last Sunday she was sitting under a shed in the company of a group of fellows “just liming”.

When he called her and mentioned that he wanted to talk, his daughter became “aggressive and bombastic,” Taylor said. As he approached, she got up and began walking around a table so he told her he was “not playing rounders”.

The father said in his effort to get her to go into his van with him, he grabbed her, she resisted and the same people who were with her parted them.

The case was adjourned until next Friday, when the complainant is expected to be present.   

2 Responses to Family feud

  1. Brien King
    Brien King August 13, 2016 at 4:06 am

    First thing, I don’t understand why when someone cause you to go to court for an accusation they have on you, that they don’t have themselves present at court when the case comes up. I think this is one of the foolishness that has a lot of cases in court taking so long to finish. The accused and the accusers should be present in court from the beginning of the case, not sometime later as the case continues , as that is an unnecessary stretch of the case at hand that results in these people wasting valuable time in these court rooms. It is unreasonable to the accused to come to court and their accusers are not there and they have to come back again or worse, the judge assume you guilty and send you to jail, only to find out that there is no real case against you and the matter is dropped and you release from jail for lack of evidence on the part of the accusers. The accusers should be force to pay you cash for wrongful imprisonment and lot of working time and should be paid to the person wrongfully accused forthwith. Too many excuses are made for this type of foolishness by police officers, lawyers and other people, it is pass high time it is stopped.

    Secondly, if your offspring don’t want to hear you or obey your voice, indeed at 18 years she is legally an adult as the judge rightfully stated, it is your house, simply pack her stuff and put them securely outside the main house for her collection at a date yet to be arranged. You have done your part to get her this far in her life, it is time to release your responsibility of her and leave her to her own decisions whether good or bad, you are now free to cater to whoever else or whatever else you have in mind.

  2. miche August 13, 2016 at 6:36 am

    Brian ,,you don’t have children,,,18 or 80 they are still your children,,,,,Yes they are considered “Adult” but you still suffer when they are on the wrong path.


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