Ganja planter pleads for leniency

courtA landscaper from St Michael will have to wait at least a month to know his fate.

Neil Erwin Connell, 31, of Brydens Avenue, Brittons Hill, St Michael pleaded guilty to several drug charges when he appeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant today.

Connell admitted to unlawful possession, trafficking, possession with intent to supply and cultivation of cannabis.

According to the facts presented by Prosecutor Sergeant Neville Reid, lawmen who were executing a search warrant at Connell’s residence found “loose” quantities of ganja in a box and on the dresser in the bedroom, while a search of the yard yielded a fully grown cannabis plant.

While being interviewed by police about the plant Connell said: “Sir I am being honest with you, it is my marijuana tree.”

In response to the loose cannabis he said, “I have it to smoke, I only smoke marijuana.”

According to police the “loose” cannabis has a combined weight of 4.5 kilogrammes, with an estimated street value of $19, 800.

However, after questioning the weight and value of the drugs found, which Connell maintained was not “worth that amount”, he pleaded with the court to show him some leniency.

“I have been honest about it, it was one tree, not a farm . . . I am asking the court to be lenient . . . I was hoping to get community service or a fine,” Connell said.

He was remanded until September 8, when he will return for sentencing.

4 Responses to Ganja planter pleads for leniency

  1. Emperatriz Melissa
    Emperatriz Melissa August 12, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    Hang in there Ras

  2. Cloverleaf Blackwood
    Cloverleaf Blackwood August 12, 2016 at 6:24 pm

    You would think in 2016 where parts of the USA , Europe and Central America Marijuana is absolutely legal the courts and police in the islands of Caribbean would not waste their time with such matters and instead embrace it as it is a billion dollar industry many countries are tapping into. In the USA they are tons being grown in a farm for research purposes but backwards Barbados want to lock up people for growing a plant. Not meth,not cocaine, not ecstasy but a natural plant that have many uses and if done properly could transform our economy. I hope one day this country will be blessed with real leaders and agents of change instead of this backward archaic minded bunch.

  3. BoboTheClown August 15, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Why don’t you move to the great US of A if you need Marijuana so badly . I am sure the Police would be a bit more forceful in dealing with you and others like you who think the laws of the land should be broken because you think so. Abide by the law until such time the law is changed . If you feel you are above the current law ,then do what you think is best ,and deal with any consequences .
    There are two ways to fight crime.( 1 ) BY LAW.( 2 )BY FORCE.
    The first of the two should be natural to Mr. Blackwood and others of his ilk. The second should should only be natural to Beast .But because, to you the first may seem inadequate , one is often forced to revert to the other, the second seem to be the one that should be used if the first can’t be adhered to.

  4. Not-A-Clown September 3, 2016 at 9:04 am

    Bobo the clown…. are you a real clown? I think you are… because..if anyone reads what you wrote they would assume that every law is right and fair. And we both know that not to be so. So in your defence BoBo you are not a clown and i am sorry. you are THE PROBLEM with this world… yes.. all by yourself.
    Free Neil. Lock up BoBo the clown!


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