Drunk man admits to destroying chair

COURT TODAY BLOCKA St Stephen’s Hill, St Michael man who drank a little too much at a party has to part with $850 after he made a nuisance of himself at the event.

Roger Carson Cumberbatch, 40, admitted intentionally destroying a chair belonging to Kidds Party Rentals on August 8 and misconducting himself in an annoying and threatening manner on the same date, after being at Annette Hoyte’s premises lawfully.

According to Sergeant Robert Jones, Cumberbatch was invited to a birthday party at Hoyte’s home in honour of her stepfather. After “consuming a number of alcoholic beverages” Cumberbatch began misbehaving. He took a plastic chair and smashed it into the ground, destroying it.

He then followed Hoyte on to her premises even after he was asked to leave. He was then removed by force and the police summoned.

“Do you have anything to say Mr Cumberbatch?” Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant asked.

“I done sey wuh I had to sey already Mam,” Cumberbatch replied.

He was then ordered to pay $50 forthwith to compensate for the chair, or spend two months in prison.

For the second offence, Cumberbatch will have to forfeit $800 in two months or face 12 months behind bars.

The repeat offender was already placed on bonds twice for disturbing the peace and damaging property.

The compensation was paid and Cumberbatch is to return to court on October 14 with proof of payment in relation to the other matter.   

2 Responses to Drunk man admits to destroying chair

  1. Donild Trimp August 9, 2016 at 9:51 am

    What happen to all the good lawyers in Barbados?

    I think this is a classic case for Mr.Cumberbatch suing the host of this party if the host supplied him with the alcohol he consumed on the premises.

  2. Hal Austin August 9, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    Barbados does not have a small claims civil court. The present system gives magistrates a chance to puff out their chests over trivial matters.


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