OLYMPICS – Bolt charms Rio

Jamaican sprint king Usain Bolt brought a carnival-like atmosphere to his final official press conference ahead of this weekend’s 100m showdown, ending the occasion by doing samba with a number of skimpily-clad Brazilian women.

Bolt will be in pursuit of Olympic history when he lines up in the starting blocks on Saturday, hoping to be the first man to win the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relays at three consecutive Olympic Games.

Usain Bolt getting in some samba.
Usain Bolt getting in some samba.

Despite the magnitude of the occasion, in typical Bolt-like fashion the sprinter was, however, his usual relaxed self when he faced members of the media at a joint Jamaica Olympic Association and Puma press conference yesterday.

In addition to admitting to being in top shape the sprinter reminded all present that providing entertainment was a huge part of his mantra.

“I’m a sprinter first, but I like to entertain,” Bolt said.

“It’s my personality, it’s what I do.”

The press conference certainly was an entertaining one as Bolt got serenaded by Norwegian reporter before exiting the stage with the dancing girls clad in traditional carnival costume.

Source: (sportsmax)

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