Dick fails to make second round

Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Marisa Dick finished with a total of 50.832 after four apparatus in subdivision four of all-round gymnastics qualification at the Rio Olympics Sunday.  

The total was not enough to get the athlete, who was Trinidad’s first representative in the event at the Olympic Games, into the next round.  The amount left the athlete in 42nd position in the latest standings.

Dick, who started with the balance beam and he signature mount ‘The Dick’, went on to score 13.066 for that routine and get a fairly solid start to competition. 

The athlete went on to do even better in the vault where she scored a 13.900, following strong technical execution with a perfect landing.

Dick was, however, not as strong on the other two implements, scoring 12.533 on an average floor routine and then finishing off with a nightmare end on the uneven bars. 

Towards the end of her routine the Trinidadian lost momentum and had to dismount, before also losing balance in attempting to stick her landed.  Dick ended with a score of 11.333 for the event.

Meanwhile Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Williams also failed in their bid to advance from the preliminary rounds of the all-round women’s competition.

Williams who competed in subdivision one finished with a total of 50.966 to end in 54th spot after completing in four disciplines. 

The gymnast’s strongest performances came in the vault where she landed a strong 14.100 and the floor routine where she scored 13.200, ending the move with the signature pose of compatriot and sprint superstar Usain Bolt.

The Jamaican, however, struggled with the uneven bars and balance beam where she scored 12.133 and a disappointing 11.533. 

Source: (Sportsmax)

2 Responses to Dick fails to make second round

  1. Claire Battershield
    Claire Battershield August 8, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    Dicks comes up short

  2. BaJan boy August 9, 2016 at 7:01 am

    Dick is out dry..Trinidadians must be smiling big…


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