Invest in tourism, Jordan tells Diaspora

Tourism executive Colin Jordan is urging Barbadians living abroad to invest in the tourism industry here.

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate for St Peter sought to sell the island’s bread and butter industry as a solid investment proposal during his party’s meeting with members of the Diaspora at Island Inn Hotel on Wednesday night.

Tourism executive Colin Jordan wooing overseas-based Barbadians.
Tourism executive Colin Jordan wooing overseas-based Barbadians.
Members of the Barbados Diaspora at Wednesday’s meeting.
Members of the Barbados Diaspora at Wednesday’s meeting.

“It is an important industry for us and I want you to examine the possibility of investing in the industry, whether it is in the accommodation segment of the industry, or even more important, in the attractions side of the industry,” he told a group of expatriates visiting home for the Crop Over festivities.

Jordan, the Director of Business Development at the Mango Bay hospitality group of companies, spoke of the foreign exchange that tourism brings into the country, and the employment it generates for people from all walks of life and with a range of qualifications and abilities.

“I challenge the Diaspora, those of you who live outside of Barbados, to consider investment in this critical industry,” the former Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association executive said.

He reminded the visiting Barbadians that because they lived in the source markets they were well placed to know what the tourist wanted and to advance the tourism product offering.

“You live in metropolitan areas, many of you have travelled the world, you have ideas of what we could do to improve the offering to visitors to our country,” Jordan said.

In a bid to reassure those who might worry about the fragility of the industry, the hotel executive insisted that tourism was not a high-risk business.

“History has shown us that the tourism industry is a very resilient industry,” he said, pointing to major tourist destinations such as France, Bali and the Southern United States that have recovered swiftly following either natural or man-made crises.

3 Responses to Invest in tourism, Jordan tells Diaspora

  1. seagul August 6, 2016 at 5:45 am

    The full promotion of Barbados should arise from a perspective of vibrant color and soulful welcoming. For example, Bridgetown should have more technical aspects of colorful historical memorials. Our heritage is rooted in the warm celebration of life and earthy character. Let us give more joyful praises to ourselves and the world instead of begging at each opportunity we get. Then again the sorry politics of the day has taken away much of our pride.

  2. Hal Austin August 6, 2016 at 9:47 am

    When Barbados comes up with a sustainable tourism and leisure plan with investment opportunities, then Barbadians at home and overseas will give it serious consideration.
    Until then the idea is a romantic one. Hotels are just the accommodation for people who want to have the Barbados experience. It is not the experience in itself.

  3. jrsmith August 6, 2016 at 11:41 am

    Who are bajans living overseas going to trust, the banks ,the government the untrustworthy so call financiers , the so call educated ones.. my advice to anyone wanting to get involve with any form of business in Barbados , avoid borrowing from the banking system, keep as far as possible from politicians and beware of unscrupulous hard to trust anybody in Barbados..

    You all could shout at me call me names I don’t care , finding a good attorney in Barbados is trying a find a needle in a hay stack, trusting families look how many families have been rob by sisters , brothers ,uncles ,aunts and all part of the family, including some dodgy pastors…


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