Barrow sent to Psychiatric Hospital

courtActing Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick today remanded Paul Antonio Barrow to the Psychiatric Hospital for observation.

Barrow of no fixed place of abode, is charged with assaulting two police officers and resisting arrest.

The 53-year-old man who has been on remand since July 30, is accused on using offensive language towards Sergeant Paul Clarke, resisting arrest and assaulting the officer as he sought to execute his duties on July 29.

He is also charged with assaulting Police Constable Cecil Taylor in the execution of his duties.

Barrow will return to court on August 26.

One Response to Barrow sent to Psychiatric Hospital

  1. Hal Austin August 6, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Britain abandoned the offence of using insulting and offensive language to a police officers ages ago. If an officer is so sensitive s/he cannot tolerate a few Anglo-Saxon words as par for the course, then s/he is in the wrong job. S/he should become a nun or monk.
    But to remand them in prison? How did the assault charges come about? Was it after they tried to arrest him for offensive language?
    At some point the Barbados judicial system must grow up.
    Magistrate courts used to be called police magistrate courts. We must get rid of police prosecutors and magistrates in need of serious training.
    After all, Barbados has over 1000 licensed lawyers, and yet not one of the police prosecutors has been admitted to the bar.
    Supports my views that we ringfence tasks for lawyers that could b done by ordinary people.


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