ANTIGUA – Call for legislation to censor Carnival

ST JOHN’S – The head of the Christian Ministries Church, Bishop Charlesworth Browne has called on the government to enact legislation to censor the behaviour exhibited by Carnival revellers.

Browne’s latest call came following what he described as “scandalous behaviour” and the abuse of alcohol amongst young people.

The outspoken pastor did not dilute his words when he spoke to Observer media on Thursday. “The kind of wanton nakedness, vagabond behaviour I see going on is just tasteless and sickening,” he said.

Browne said the legislation should also be set up in such a way that the various activities preceding Carnival should be monitored for alcohol consumption and attire.

“There should be a greater limit on the consumption of alcohol. I am against the use of marijuana, but alcohol is more dangerous than that,” he said.

According to the bishop, the legal fraternity should meet to suggest what laws could be altered, changed, removed and formulated to guide Carnival activities and the way revelers conduct themselves during the celebration.

He said that Carnival has lost its purpose and until government comes to that realisation, the country will be lost.

Meanwhile, Bishop Browne also criticised women in Antigua who he said are “walking the streets naked”.

“What is wrong with our women?” he queried. “They feel that being naked is appealing but they are fooling themselves.

“I got caught up in the traffic at the opening of Carnival and I saw all these naked women and some of them were walking around with young men who were properly clad.”

Bishop Browne said he is aware that his latest call will fall on deaf ears and will be ignored, but however said, “I’m making it anyway”.

In the last two weeks, mas’ makers and carnival revellers have been giving suggestions on how the summer festival can be improved in time for the 60th anniversary next year.

The suggestion of Bishop Browne and others are expected to form part of a carnival symposium later this month.

Source: (Antigua Observer)

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