No break for Squires

Nothing short of sickness will prevent veteran bandleader Gwyneth Squires from playing Mas next year.

“The only way I will take a break is if I am sick. I am not taking a break because there was a rumour going around that Gwyneth ain’t bringing no band, and that happens almost every year, and I don’t like that,” she told Bajan Vibes.

Squires swept the awards for this year’s Grand Kadooment celebrations.

Gwyneth Squires
Gwyneth Squires

She was adjudged the Best Festival Designer, while her Spirit of our Nationhood won the 50th Anniversary of Independence Award, the BMA Brands of Barbados Award (Large Band), as well as the most Colourful Large Band and Large Band of the Year.

With 350 revellers in seven sections on the road, Squires described the 2016 season as a good one for her band.

However the sudden death of her friend and colleague Renee Ratcliffe affected her greatly.

“This year it wasn’t bad but it could have been better.

“The death of my good friend Renee set me back but in all the Kiddies and the Grand Kadooment, it was all right; everything went well”.

However, she knew she was a winner when she saw some of the competing bands making their way across the National Stadium on the day.

“This year was good. I didn’t experience any challenges because most of the bands they had feathers, [but] I didn’t. I was in the stadium looking at the bands; I had to go in the stadium to sit down after my friend died. To be honest, I didn’t see much bands but the bands that I saw I had no challenge. The only challenge I had was from Betty West.

“Hard work pays off. When you do hard work it pays off. I went all out this year, I went all out,” she said.

“And by God’s grace I will be back next year,” Squires declared.    

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