Chase going all out for 2017

Trevor Chase’s Ooutraje continues to dominate the Small Band category on Grand Kadooment.

For the third successive year the band that caters to 175 masqueraders copped Best Band On The Road as well as Small Band Of The Year.

Ooutraje, which has been playing Mas for the past 19 years, also secured first place in the traditional category and several other prizes.

Trevor Chase
Trevor Chase

And Chase says he is going all out for a repeat come 2017.

“I think we have done very well and we will look to see what we will do next year to better it. The inspiration will come somewhere along the line. I can’t tell you now that I have a theme for 2017 but I think that we are starting to finally be recognized for what we do.

“It is a pleasure to try and put things in place to make you be the person that the other competitors use as the yard stick,” the bandleader, who has been in the business for 25 years, told Bajan Vibes.

Describing this year as a success for his band, Chase explained that a gamble and sponsorship propelled Ooutrage to another level this Crop Over.

“It was a success. We took a gamble in the early stages to try and put the preparations in place before we had the orders coming in. That meant that we had taken a gamble to look at our repeat customers and try to facilitate them before they got there and it worked out well in the end. We had a few new clients . . . we had some costumes left back but not as much as some of the other bands.

“All in all we don’t try to grab for the big numbers we just try to attract our repeat customers and then if they bring along a friend we will try to facilitate them.

“This year we got sponsorship that we have never had before and it was able to propel us to a level that we have never been before,” Chase explained.

However, he has one pet peeve –  it’s that small bands do not get the recognition and respect that the big bands do.

“We are one of the best kept secrets and we don’t get the kudos like some of the big bands and therein is a complaint that I have .

“In the Mas there are two types of bands- big band and small band. If you go back through the [newspapers] only last year Ooutraje was mentioned because we won Small Band Of The Year . . .[but] every year that we win small band we really don’t get any mention.

“If you look at the prizes this year Ooutraje did better than Gwyneth [Squires] . . . when you look at the two entities they won nine prizes Ooutraje won ten but yet we were not given that kind of reception,” Chase lamented, while adding that he was still happy with his band’s success.

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