American visitor fined for ganja possession

A United States visitor had to fork out $900 today after he admitted to having a small amount of cannabis and apparatus intended to be used in connection with it, on Tuesday.

Project Manager Derrick Francis Bramble went before Magistrate Douglas Frederick earlier today in the District ‘A” Magistrates Court.

Bramble, 36, who is staying at a Christ Church hotel, was about to board the MC Buccaneer for a cruise when he – as well as all other patrons – was searched before boarding the vessel.

When security personnel asked him to empty his pockets, they saw a vaporizer container with cannabis inside of it. Asked whether he had other drugs, Bramble handed over another container with two more spliffs.

During his interview with police, Bramble revealed he used marijuana for back pain and anxiety issues and had no idea it was illegal in Barbados.

The offender, who is due to leave the island on August 7, was ordered to pay $700 in court costs on the first count and $250 on the second.

The money was paid and no conviction was recorded against the Bronx, New York resident.

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