Spectators turn out for parade of bands

Spectators took every vantage point along the Eagle Hall and Bank Hall Road today to catch a glimpse of revelers as they made their way from the National Stadium to Spring Garden.

Children, adults and visitors alike sat on walls along the road, while some stood on guard walls ensuring that they missed nothing as the bands came through with trucks blaring the latest Calypso tunes as well as those from previous years.

Spectators taking in the parade of bands.

However, as Jump Promotions Band made its way down the road a male announcer would come over the speakers just after midday saying: “Ladies and gentlemen we have lost one of our own. Renee Ratcliffe has passed away. Let’s have a moment of silence.”

That announcement would bring the party atmosphere to a brief standstill as revelers and onlookers expressed their shock at the news.

Kadooment Day was marred by the death of Renee Ratcliffe.

“What she died!” one reveler was heard saying as someone on the sidelines added: “but I just see she pun TV.”

The announcement was followed by David Rudder’s “High Mas” as the band remembered the late designer.

The party resumed shortly after, with co-leader Laura Galt saying that while members were saddened they were proceeding to Spring Garden in Ratcliffe’s memory.

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