Supermarket beating victim was drunk – mother

The man who was beaten by a security guard at Jordans Supermarket in Fitts Village, St James on Monday in an incident captured on video and shared on social media, has been identified as 36-year-old Corey Husbands, also of Fitts Village.

In the video, which is about a minute long, the supermarket employee is seen beating and kicking a man wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue pants and with a haversack on his back. The attack continued even after onlookers attempted to hold back the assailant, who on two occasions could be seen picking up what appeared to be a rock and hitting his victim with it. The victim, who did not appear to fight back, staggered and fell to the ground multiple times and a female voice could be heard in the video continuously calling, “Francis”, an apparent reference to her colleague Francis Alcide.

Husband’s mother Merlene told Barbados TODAY Thursday evening her son had been treated “worse than an animal” and was on two weeks’ sick leave from work.

She said her son had suffered cuts to his head, and his face was swollen to the point where he was barely recognizable. She added that Corey was unable to eat because of the sound beating he received in the supermarket’s car park.

The mother said while she was not aware of all of the details surrounding the incident, she knew her son had been drinking when he went to the supermarket for a couple of beers.

She said Corey, who informed her of the matter on Tuesday morning, indicated that he was leaving the supermarket when he and the guard exchanged words before the beating began.

Husbands said watching the video was a painful experience, and she was seeking legal advice on her son’s behalf.

“I didn’t know that was out there. All I did was break down [when I saw it],”
she said.

“You gine kick he? And the two beers that he bought you gine hit him in his head and cut loose his head with it? And he does not have a big head, he has a small head, so if you see his face, it is swollen big.

“This ain’t fair. Justice must be done because he beat that boy worse than an animal. Why? Up to now nobody knows and I don’t understand,” the upset mother told Barbados TODAY.

“You don’t treat animals like that. You can’t go out there and kick my dogs because I would be real angry. He took advantage in a showing-off state,” she added.

Husbands admitted that Corey “has his ways”, but said he did not deserve the beating that he received.

“You going to take advantage of a drunken man? He [left] the supermarket and went in the car park and beat that boy so bad and kick him. And at the end you gine pull out a knife to stab him.

“Supposed the fellas didn’t stop him, what would have happened? He could have killed him and he is an asthmatic too. All of that blows bring on his sinuses,” a visibly distraught Husbands said.

Alcide’s ex-wife Korea, who also works at Jordans Supermarket, told Barbados TODAY that since the incident happened, she and her daughters had been receiving threats and they feared for their lives.

Husbands said it was not fair that people should target the family.

“Why would they threaten her? She has nothing to do with it. It is him that you have to deal with. And I wouldn’t even threaten him because it is in the laws hands and that is wrong,” Husbands declared.

A representative of the supermarket revealed today that the assailant had been sacked for breaching the employees’ code of conduct.

Husbands said firing Elcide was the right decision.

“Mr Jordan is a very nice man. I have been shopping at that supermarket for years and I feel happy to know that Mr Jordan don’t keep that sort of person around his place because he could have do it to anybody else,” Husbands indicated.

Husbands said Corey, who has been complaining of feeling immense pain, was on antibiotics and pain killers.

Police said they had launched an investigation into the incident.

9 Responses to Supermarket beating victim was drunk – mother

  1. h.calandre July 29, 2016 at 2:03 am

    Mam, you will have to bring a law suit against the owners of the supermarket and forget about how long you were shopping there. I told a guard at the Fairchild St. market after I saw how a senior citizen was treated that one day the owner is going to pay with one of the stores because of the way that these security people deals with people.

  2. michael parker July 29, 2016 at 2:29 am

    please read my pevious comment attached to the earlier bulletin

  3. Patranell Callender
    Patranell Callender July 29, 2016 at 2:31 am

    Really sad, I hope he’s arrested for what he done

  4. Anthony Small
    Anthony Small July 29, 2016 at 5:00 am

    Jail him

  5. Lennox hewitt July 29, 2016 at 6:19 am

    All dat happen here now Jordan will have to pay out some money nuff money cause the assault happen on jordan time and he work for jordan and it happen on jordan prmisses so you may see a out of court settlement here and for d guard he got to pay out money 2 what he did is real serious if he and d man got beef that his problem but he want locking up .

    • Lizzy July 29, 2016 at 10:19 am

      That is not entirely true, unless the guy was stealing or doing something illegal which does not appear to be the case. The security guard would therefore not be operating within the course of his employment so Jordan’s could not be held vicariously liable.

  6. Lennox hewitt July 29, 2016 at 6:25 am

    I no d guard from shopping dey and he is a real idiot so if dis is who i think it is it’s not d first time he do sein so but now social media around people got to watch what dum do cause in a second u world wild he cannot go bout beating people n now people threattenning your family dat in had a thing to do widdit deal wid he but leave d man family alone .

  7. Halleem July 29, 2016 at 7:10 am

    This was uncalled for do me something let me delete you and you family though

  8. Holder July 29, 2016 at 9:04 am

    Good progress,seek leagal advice


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