Way too slow

Inniss still wants business facilitation

He is not the Minister of Business Facilitation.

However, this has not stopped Government Minister Donville Inniss from persisting with his public agitation against the perceived malaise in Government, which he says is hurting local businesses.

Addressing a workshop on Caribbean Commercial Law on Monday, Inniss, who is the substantive minister of Commerce and International Business, climbed back on to his business facilitation soapbox, as he again called on Government agencies to deliver timely and consistent rulings to facilitate businesses operating on the island.

He singled out key state agencies, such as the Barbados Revenue Authority, Customs, and Town & Country Planning Department, which he has been publicly critical of in the past, saying the delays were frustrating the work of businesses and lawyers practising corporate and commercial law here and around the region.

Keeping with the theme of business facilitation, which is the direct responsibility of Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Senator Darcy Boyce, Inniss acknowledged deficiencies in the Fair Trading Commission legislation, which he said were being addressed.

“We intend to add to the mix of the range of legal and commercial activities in Barbados that [are] certainly being administered or have some oversight in the Fair Trading Commission,” Inniss, who has ministerial responsibility for the FTC, said. 

“When we’re a little bit slow in providing decisions or rulings, we add to the level of uncertainty within which the commercial sector has to exist. Every business needs a certain level of certainty to plan and execute their work. From my end we’re duty-bound to provide such,” he added.

3 Responses to Way too slow

  1. doctor dollar July 27, 2016 at 8:16 am

    I see your point Tony Web, You are spot on when you wrote all is just talk and more talk. However, in distressed economies, c governments usually print a large amount of their local currency in anticipation of a devaluation. Two of many reasons. 1 – There will be a large demand for local currency, to transact business in retail centers as it’ll cost more for goods and services, and 2. to protect against counterfeiting attempts.

  2. jrsmith July 27, 2016 at 11:27 am

    Our nations problems stems from our people neglecting they part in the management of Barbados and because they seek not ,to be responsible or to be involve with what ever the politicians enforced on the bajan people , they should blame themselves..

    We are coming up for new elections and we are seeing everyone from the church, private business and our top heavy political non productive infrastructure, making comments which should have been made 3 decades ago and acted upon.. When politicians jump on the media soap box and start to point fingers, look out that ulterior motive comes into play…

    I take financial issues with a pinch of salt in Barbados because the majority of people can only read and listen , if the government borrows , prints , or burn more money its all the same outcome, because the 1% of people who controls the financial sector in Barbados and is not political is a law unto themselves, because the financial profits are not sitting in banks in Barbados..

    Politicians are so untrustworthy and always put together government which is infested with bad management , not choosing the right people to be attached with the management of governments department (Barbados LTD) because of this they non productive behaviour is preventing the prosperity of our country and people..

    Thats why Barbados is primed to be taken over but not by bajans. we are always going to be used as guinea pigs, companies start in Barbados build themselves, then choose the right time to close and leave our shores…wouldn’t call any names…

  3. jrsmith July 27, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Must add further our politicians are so low level none seems to be thinking , Brexit this is going to take the (UK) into the 21st century this is what (Sir Hilary) said earlier in the year that we are still sitting in the 20th century ..

    Our politicians our government which need to get they fingers out ,grab the chance to do business with the (British) new government the door is opening, adding further our politicians is living in la, la, land we cannot be a taxed economy that will never happen we will end up like Greece or worst , because Barbados doesn’t belong to financially structured organization…

    The only way our economy will get moving is to privatize some government services, the transport, the seaport , the airport , parking services , prison security , government security. our politicians do not have the management skills to take us any further…


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