Six severed at Apes Hill

An amicable separation at Apes Hill has left six workers on the breadline.

Acting Deputy General Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) Dwayne Paul told Barbados TODAY Monday afternoon that the luxury residential facility in St James had made the employees redundant as part of a restructuring programme.

Paul explained that management had been in consultation with the BWU throughout the process and agreement was reached on the selection of those who would go home.

However, he said since the retrenchment, staffing issues had arisen and these were being discussed.

“After discussions with the company, a decision was reached about six redundancies, however, the union is currently in discussion with the company about operational staffing issues. In other words, they brought a plan to us about restructuring, we had the back-and-forth discussions as required under the [Employment Rights] Act and the eventual number from our membership made redundant was six. But obviously that has taken place already, and now the six have gone, we have been made aware of staffing issues,” the senior union official added.

He declined to say whether or not the six workers could be reemployed or reengaged at the conclusion of the talks, only stating that if there were any future rehirings, those made redundant would have the first option.

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