Brittons Hill youth need alternative – Humphrey

Barbados Labour Party hopeful Kirk Humphrey has come to the defence of members of the volatile Brittons Hill, St Michael community, suggesting it’s a case of a few bad apples spoiling the whole bunch.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY while canvassing residents of Reece Road over the weekend, Humphrey was insistent that the recent reported violence and criminal activity in Brittons Hill involved only a few young people, who needed “valid” alternatives to change their ways.

“To say that the entire constituency is prone to violence is definitely misleading, that’s not the case,” said Humphrey, who is seeking to unseat Prime Minister Freundel Stuart in St Michael South.

“The reality there is a small bunch of people who are engaged in deviant and violent behaviour, and we have to deal with those as a small percentage,” he said, describing the majority of the residents in that section of the St Michael South constituency as “very good people who never had any interaction with the law”.

While stating that people who have no options were the ones who resort to violence and crime, he said, “One of the most important things in this area is to offer people valid solutions, that they can see makes sense; that can would take them out of their circumstances; offer them new opportunities and to create hope”.

He said his team was therefore focused on eliminating pockets of unlawfulness.

“What we are doing at a micro level is going to those areas we consider crime prone and speaking to those young people and trying to figure out what it is that has caused them to go that way, and try to encourage them to get involved in more wholesome programming.

“If you speak to these young people that are considered to be violent, you’d be surprised to see that they’re really very peaceful at the core, most of them, and that they very bright and very well-read.”

However, he acknowledged “there are some cases where, obviously, we’re going to have to use the law to enforce the law, and to ensure that all the peace-loving people remain safe.

“But on the deeper level we have to be able to create opportunities at that level so that crime does not seem to be the only alternative; that liming on a block from morning to night is not the only alternative,” the BLP political candidate said.

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  1. Zeus July 26, 2016 at 8:49 am

    Mr Humprey it sounds to me that you went canvassing for the PM and gave him a passing grade because according to your report the majority of residents are comfortable and the only thing you can report on is the small incidents of crime that occurred couple months ago which is normal in Britons hill from time in memorial …..I was expecting a report of high unemployment …bad roads poor housing …..bro you like you have your work cut out by now and Election Day


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