Kiddies on parade

Every colour in the rainbow graced the National Stadium as 15 bands crossed the stage to be judged today for Junior Kadooment.

Young revelers braved the heat to proudly display their costumes to the members of the audience gathered at the Stadium.  . A few hundred patrons filled the temporary seating to watch and support the young ones, as was evident by screams of encouragement for children and family members jumping in the bands.

One of the young revelers at Kiddies Kadooment this morning.

Various hues of burnt orange mixed with red and yellow, shades of blue, greens and golds captivated the audience.  After they crossed the stage, they made their way outside the stadium for their mini jump up.

Some of the bands included Betty West Band- We Celebrating, Gwyneth Squires band- Proud to be a Bajan, National Library Service- Independence Achievements and Island Spice Designs- Paradise 246 among many others.

One of the many costumes on parade today.

The results for the junior parade will be announced later this evening.

The Kiddies Kadooment was staged ahead of the Junior Monarch finals, scheduled for Kensington Oval at 7 p.m.  (DB)

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