High-speed chase

Speeding driver could not escape police

COURT TODAY BLOCKA St Michael man appeared in court today on several traffic offences after leading police on a high-speed chase.

Ato Makennan Simmons, 27, of Bullens Avenue, Dalkeith, St Michael was fined $1,750 by Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant after he pleaded guilty to six traffic offences.

The District ‘A’ Magistrates Court heard that police saw Simmons getting into a car with something which looked like a gun. He began driving towards Collymore Rock.

The officers then activated the beacon lights and the siren but Simmons continued to speed through heavy on-coming traffic, causing other drivers and pedestrians to take evasive action.

Simmons sped through several areas in the Pine and Brittons Hill, with police in pursuit.

However, it was when Simmons tried to manoeuvre the car through a space between a wall and another car, that he got stuck.

Simmons pleaded guilty to all of the charges, which included failing to stop on the approach of the police using the siren, driving in a dangerous manner, having no road tax, registration or insurance coverage and using fraudulent number plates.

Simmons also faced a final charge of having the windows tinted to such a degree that it made him unidentifiable from a reasonable distance. On that count, he was ordered to remove the tint by the time he returns to court on August 26. The court must be satisfied that the order has been carried out and that the fines have been paid.

Simmons was represented by attorney-at-law Sian Lange.

It was just yesterday that Denver Victor of Jemmotts Lane, St. Michael went before Acting Magistrate Elwood Watts on six traffic violations after a lengthy high-speed chase by police. He was fined a total of $3,800.

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