Erdiston restoration on track – Jones

Less than a year into the project to upgrade Erdiston Teachers Training College, Minister of Education Ronald Jones said the multimillion-dollar venture is on track to be completed by the deadline date of mid-2018.

As part of the project, which started in January 2016 and estimated to last for two-and-a-half years, abandoned dorms are being converted into large classrooms and a multi-purpose building that has already been constructed, Jones said as he gave an insight into the training college’s facelift during the visit of the Broken Trident to the institution Wednesday.

The minister also disclosed that the restoration of the historic Erdiston Great House would commence in October, explaining that the facade of the building would be protected in the process. The roof of that main building was damaged by fire five years ago.

“The library is nearly finished. That [library] was major work under the Skills for the Future Programme which is an International Development Bank project, and that was dealt with under  . . . the safety and security component of that loan.

“A whole new roof was put on, air conditioning units, total electrical outfitting, new windows, all of that has been basically completed. It is just some minor works before they relocate and set up the library,” Jones said.

He added that the auditorium’s seating capacity would more than double from 70 to 150 upon completion within the next six weeks.

“So we will have about 18 to 20 renamed facilities when it [the project] is finished. But we wouldn’t tell you all of that yet until these are finished and that is done,” Jones said.

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