Roberts’ Soca unity call

A pregnant Patrice Roberts showed the customary high energy her performances are known for turning up the vibes last Sunday at Soca On De Hill.

Performing at the event for the first time and two years since her last appearance  in Barbados, the Trini soca artiste said she was excited and more than glad to be back.

“Barbadians always show me love. I know they love me a lot and I love them right back,” she told .Barbados TODAY.

Much to the delight of fans, Roberts performed hits like, A Little Wine I am Soca and Unforgettable.

Patrice Roberts performing at Soca on De HIll
Patrice Roberts performing at Soca on De HIll

She said afterwards it was heartwarming to see how the fans responded to her songs, especially the newer ones Money Done and Old and Grey.

Where soca is concerned, Roberts said Bajans are producing great music and she is looking forward to the day when everyone in the region can come together and make even greater music.

“I think music is music. As long as the music is great, I have no problems. I love to hear the Bajan twang. I think every island has a different sound. I think with everyone coming together, it could do great things for soca music and take the culture forward,” she said.

“Everyone has a great forum to do great things. But I think we need to work together. Sometimes we like to fight each other but it shouldn’t be like that.” 

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