Newcomers looking ahead

With every disappointment comes a silver lining.

Jamal Slocombe and Ah-Dee-Lah, two first time Pic-O-De-Crop semifinalists who did not make it through to the finals last weekend, strongly believe this.

Though obviously disappointed at not making the final nine, both budding calypsonians have learnt valuable lessons from the experience, and have vowed to keep pressing on.

Jamal told Bajan Vibes he was grateful for all the support he received from fellow Barbadians.

Jamal Slocombe
Jamal Slocombe

“Wherever I go, Bajans shower me with overwhelming support. Barbadians are some of the hardest to please, but the beautiful thing is when they like you, they really do and it means the world to have their support,” he said.

Jamal also told fans not to feel discouraged, assuring them that he had the time of his life on stage.

“I feel blessed that I was able to compete in the big yard against some of the best in the arena. Matter of a fact, being the youngest in the semi-finals, surpassing my last year achievement is remarkable in itself,”
he said.

“I will be back next year. I’ve pledged my membership with De Big Show which is literally a family. From the seasoned artist calling to make sure
I am great, to the tent management being a driving force behind me is a great feeling,” he added.

Jamal also expressed appreciation to some veterans in the industry who have been in his camp from the start, supporting him and eager to help propel his career.

John King and Red Plastic Bag have been instrumental and have already charted a way forward. Gabby is thrilled and wants to work with me, so there is no empty void there,” he remarked.

“I had a great time up on that stage. I don’t do music for competition, I do music for the people. These songs are theirs. Competition is just one aspect of the festival.”

Looking ahead, Jamal is busy working to get some new music on the market.  “I will be releasing new music soon, Caribbean flavored music, and I spoke to Mike from De Red Boyz and I am looking to make a release for the fiftieth anniversary (of Barbados’ Independence). My good friend, Mistah Dale, will co-write on that project,” he said.

Ah-Dee-Lah told Barbados TODAY performing this Crop Over season and making it to the semis, was altogether a great experience.


“It was different. I would definitely use the stage more. It was way bigger than the average stage I usually perform on so that’s one lesson I learnt, to always connect with my audience and choose my topics wisely, but I enjoyed it,” she said.

Meanwhile, TC,  who  will be back on the finals stage after an extended break, told Bajan Vibes it feels great to be back in the finals.

“It feels amazing and I am definitely looking forward to next Saturday. I was comfortable on stage at the semis and once you are comfortable, it shows,” TC said, adding that she is also ready for this Sunday’s Party Monarch finals at Bushy Park.


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  1. Ryan Bayne
    Ryan Bayne July 21, 2016 at 11:52 am

    Don’t give up, JSlo. You have another year coming for you. Nonetheless your song should be highly recommended and requested for serious airplay along with your previous song, “Come Together” 2 years ago.


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